Songs to send you off on a Year Abroad

For a lot of my mates, third year means one thing, the Year Abroad. Be it somewhere exotic, like Brazil, or somewhat less exotic, like Bristol ( I 100% have a friend doing his year out from Edinburgh to Bristol ), these should be the songs to accompany you on your bon voyage!   … [Read more...]

Songs for my recovery week

Hello readership! Apologies for the lengthy absence, I've been busy revising then taking exams then partying then going on holiday and finally, by getting sick. Don't worry though, here's my return with the soundtrack of my sickness. … [Read more...]

4 reasons why Jimmy Fallon music is the best

So I've recently become pretty obsessed with Jimmy Fallon, and in particular his always amazing musical skits. Check out why these are a chat show revelation. … [Read more...]

If I Ain’t Got You (MTV Unplugged) – Alicia Keys

On July 4, 2005, Alicia Keys went to the MTV unplugged set, and absolutely destroyed it. If this song weren't beautiful enough already, this unplugged version does a pretty good job at nominating it for the most emotion laden song of the decade. … [Read more...]

All The World (I Tell Myself) – Correatown

Yet more music retrieved from my HIMYM back catalogue, but I feel that this is definitely one that I need to share with All The World, or at least I Tell Myself that. (Stay for the song, not my awful use of humour) … [Read more...]