Bands Similar to Imagine Dragons

M: Adoring fans, I'm back! I know you may have struggled without my fresh character featuring in your weeks but hope Elliot and Guy were almost good enough replacements in my absence. H: Yeah, yeah. Just introduce this week's post please. M: One of our bands of the year last year, Imagine Dragons's unmistakable epic pop has blown them up to the top of charts everywhere … [Read more...]

2012 Countdown: Our Artists Of The Year

Where's an artist's place in the music industry of 2012? Increasingly, pop-stars, indie bands and rappers are filtered through Twitter feeds, Instagram feeds and Facebook feeds so it's hard to know just how candid everything is. Do they take that many drugs? Are they having that much sex? Do we really care that much? The answer to all three of these questions is probably yes … [Read more...]

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Tiptoe – Imagine Dragons

I always have time for a good old rock number. Imagine Dragons recently released their new album Night Visions, and I have to say it's really a great CD. Packed chock full of great songs, it's really worth checking out. … [Read more...]

Reviewing the rest of Imagine Dragons’ new album

I reviewed Imagine Dragons' EP Continued Silence two weeks ago and now we've the full album, Night Visions. Check out some highlights below: … [Read more...]

Continued Silence – Imagine Dragons

Look, I know this EP has been out for a while (since Valentine's day) but I have a few good reasons to be reviewing it for you. First up, Imagine Dragons have just been nominated for a VMA (!) for Best Rock Video and they're just around the corner. Secondly, Night Vision (their new album) is about to be released (September 4th) and that will add another six songs to this EP's … [Read more...]