The Best Songs on The O.C Soundtrack

Henry: We are Michael-less today! He's literally heading off to The O.C (or somewhere in America, whatever) but we've got a more than adequate fill-in in the form of Guy; old-school friend, American-college-attending extraordinaire. Anyway to celebrate a) having someone of almost-American-descent and b)the 10th birthday of The O.C, we're driving down Nostalgia 101 into the best … [Read more...]

Covering Our (Sound)Tracks: The O.C.

Of my favourite albums, soundtracks feature strongly. I buy soundtracks when I a) think that the music is worth having and b) when the accompanying film or television show is good. It creates a link between the music so that it's not standalone but has context. It also means that you make a connection with the music, that depending on the given television show or film, can … [Read more...]

Let Go – Frou Frou

Frou Frou split up in 2003, but were a duo consisting of the now famous Imogen Heap and Guy Sigsworth. They only ever released one album before disbanding, but their music has still remained popular over the years. Let Go is a typically ambient track that was featured in the release of the 2006 movie The Holiday, while Zach Braff also used the song in his independent … [Read more...]