Better Off Without You – Summer Camp

Tuesdays can be tough, It's forecast to rain literally non stop here, and Florence is slightly less ridiculously stunning in the rain... I realise I lost all sympathy there, but this song should get you all back on my side. … [Read more...]

Eyelid Kid drop debut track, Time Travel

Eyelid Kid are a new outfit that I'm totally vibing right now. Let the above photo be a hint at their music (it's super eery cool, and their name just gets me.) … [Read more...]

Let Osla Vala be your new artist of the week

Osla Vala : part awesome exotic band name, part sweet vocals, full time banging producer. Let us fill you in on the new artist on my radar, and why he should be all over yours' too. … [Read more...]

Indie – Ost & Kjex

  These groovy Norwegian fellows choose perhaps the most appropriate song title to match their frankly outrageous outfits. The bowler hat is back in chaps! … [Read more...]

Boats (Swept Away) – I Am Not Lefthanded

Here's a gorgeous little number for you halfway through the week. Irish indie trio I Am Not Lefthanded have discovered the gold at the end of the rainbow (sorry) with the gorgeous Boats (Swept Away). … [Read more...]