Autumn Music to Fall into

Henry: I am so excited for Autumn; the intensity of Summer's over and Christmas schmaltz hasn't taken over yet. Now's prime jumper-wearing weather and music-listening season. The sentimental stickiness of summer music is an August memory, and my iPod isn't all Zooey Deschanel covering Christmas songs yet. Instead it's as hopeful as a crisp morning walk through a forest, or like … [Read more...]

The Best Debut Albums

Michael: While some artists have gone on to do bigger and better things than their debuts, most of those that pull off great debuts plunge into mediocrity (or worse). But for today, we'll freeze these artists in time, at the peak of their powers. Heads up: Commercial success does not justify a good debut so don't expect Tom Odell and Bastille featuring. Henry: Yup, and while … [Read more...]

Where Is Snowden?

It had been six years since Snowden (the Catch-22 inspired moniker for singer-songwriter Jordan Jeffares) released their stellar, yet pretty unknown, debut ‘Anti-Anti.’ Yet, in late 2011 after countless label droppings, signings and line-up changes it seemed that Jeffares had produced another record – ‘No One In Control.’ … [Read more...]

Girls – Youth Cattle

Sometimes it can be very hard to find "fresh" music. How can you produce a fresh sound when every type has essentially been defined already? The answer is with courage and the willingness to try new things (WOW this is cliché). So although we hear Lady Gaga-brand pop redone countlessly, there is nothing fresh about it. Why? Not to get all ranty on you, but because redoing what … [Read more...]