A Week with To Pimp A Butterfly

As I write this it's been a week since Kendrick dropped To Pimp A Butterfly a week earlier than expected. I've been listening to it fairly non stop since then, but I thought it only right to give myself a week to really get into it. … [Read more...]

Whiplash (Review)

A little diversion from our usual fare, but I recently watched Whiplash ( with Italian subtitles, I feel they don't quite convey how aggressive Fletcher really is ) and thought it was, at the very least, really interesting. Check out why below. … [Read more...]

Vienna, Part 1 – Keith Jarrett

Here is one of the most gorgeous live performances I have heard in all of my 18 years of existence. Keith Jarrett may be classed as a jazz performer, and while it is true that jazz is the genre that has influenced him the most, this performance in Vienna is nothing short of the cinematic and emotional brilliance that comes with something different. … [Read more...]

My Favo(u)rite Things – John Coltrane

I'm a big, big fan of jumpers. On my list of favourite things, they definitely rate in the Top 15 (probably below tea but above television boxsets.) And it seems a pretty good time to be a jumper in pop music right now! Sings LDR on Blue Jeans, 'you fit me better than my favourite sweater.' And Meg Myers in After You, confesses that 'I stole this sweater from your car so I'd … [Read more...]

Tides – Nitin Sawhney

Here's a nice and relaxing gem from Indian-British musician Nitin Sawhney. Having released eight studio albums to date, he has a massive range of material to choose from. I've picked Tides because it feels like it manages to juxtapose jazz and classical music really nicely, and as we all know, I love a good song to relax to. So let that sink in and help you get through … [Read more...]