The Chainsmokers drop new mix ‘Kanye’ (with 0% selfie)

The Chainsmokers are a name I'm sure you're familiar with, after they've blown up this past year, helped in no small way by their enormous hit Selfie. Here's a second original release, and in my opinion, an even better tune with more beats, less social satire. … [Read more...]

What to buy from the iTunes “50 Legendary Albums” Sale

iTunes are offering up some seminal RnB and Hip Hop albums spanning a fair few decades, and these really do include some absolute gems. Here's my guide on how to spend your money wisely. … [Read more...]

Why The College Dropout still holds up, 10 years on

Ten years ago, I was watching Euro 2004 and seeing England drop out once again (sweet title pun Elliot. Thanks Elliot), Usher was murdering the Billboard Top 100, and former producer Kanye West went about dropping probably the most important hip hop album of the 2000's. He changed the game. … [Read more...]

How Kanye Bested Jay-Z This Summer

This summer has seen a number of interesting music releases, from the much-hyped debut of Daft Punk's "Random Access Memories," to the return of Black Sabbath. But perhaps the most interesting aspect of these releases has been the direct competition between friends and "Watch The Throne" collaborators Jay-Z and Kanye West. With both releasing albums this summer - "Yeezus" by … [Read more...]

No Love For Kanye’s Music Lockdown

[Read more...]