Del Rey’s Anthemic New Video

Lana Del Rey's new video: JFK, Jackie and Marilyn. … [Read more...]

Woodkid’s Teenage Dream

Friday! Thank goodness. Here's some exposition about Woodkid: His real name is Yoann Lemoine, he's a french music video director and artist. He's directed videos for Katy Perry (Teenage Dream), LDR (Born To Die) and Drake (Take Care.) I kinda want to be him. He's released an album called Iron, which currently resides in my Amazon basket. He performed Videogames with LDR, … [Read more...]

Lana Del Rey’s Favourite Jeans (They’re Blue)

I wasn't able to watch this LDR performance (of a song I reviewed back in October!) as I was organizing my year book - the most tedious thing that happened on a particularly laid-back Sunday - but I caught up on YouTube. It's really, really good! Watch below. … [Read more...]

Born to Die – Lana Del Rey (Hackman Remix)

So I know on this blog we've kind of been going Lana Del C-Rey-zy (that's why you come here: for the quite frankly world class puns), but having spent the last couple of days in Paris and therefore not being able to write, I've decided to charm your ears with this nice little remix of such a big song. … [Read more...]

Carmen – Lana Del Rey

Ho, ho, ho! Welcome to my third and final installment in Lana Del Rey: Backlash The Third! Here's my review of Summertime Sadness and Dark Paradise. It's worth noting that if these reviews have convinced you to buy the album (and apparently, many of you have in the U.K) that the Deluxe Edition is a neat extra. Included are Lolita, Without You and Lucky Ones; all pleasant … [Read more...]