What links Pharrell, Kylie and Lea Michele?

They all have albums that we forgot to review but were half-heartedly to heavily promoted  on release! Late winter: That traditionally huge time for music, eh? Anyway, we're rounding up some reviews for you. … [Read more...]

The Nines: Best Christmas Songs

Are we doing this? We're doing this. 1. O Holy Night - Lea Michele Glee's released a couple of Christmas albums but Lea Michele's rendition of O Holy Night from Swan Song is something else entirely. It's easy to forget - behind the layers of whatever Glee is making her do - just how good Michele's voice is. O Holy Night is majestic and with it, Michele secures herself in … [Read more...]

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Checking In On That Glee Thing

It's been a while. … [Read more...]

Without You – Glee Cast

Yo, yo, yo. If any of you were wondering what's happened to our Weekly Gleecap, let me recap you. Glee's off-air right now in Britain but back in the U.S of A. As we're U.K based (and internet streaming is illegal, you guys), we're going to follow the U.K timetable. The good news is that Sky tells me it will be back early 2012 (which I'm taking to mean late Jan/early Feb.) … [Read more...]

The Year In: Popstar Parties

Happy New Year! It's that time of the year when everyone freaks out about where and exactly with whom they're going to spend an underwhelming, bitterly cold, vomit-concentrated evening. I can practically feel the dread of underage partiers raising their fake IDs to a bartender. It's glorious, and so is partying: Cool kids do it with other cool kids. And they have good lives. … [Read more...]