Fortress – Burial Club

Some moments just cannot be bought. You think that they'll never happen meaning that when they do, they are all the more meaningful. I experienced such a moment (and so can you) after the jump. … [Read more...]

Hello Friend – Electric Skies

Oh how I've missed this type of music. With Look See Proof gone and Burial Club/My Vessel both having gone dark over the past few months, nothing has filled my guitar indie void. Until today! … [Read more...]

R.P Murphy – Look See Proof

It's my birthday so I am treating you to one of my favourite songs of all time. I have been emotionally attached to Look See Proof for the last four years - it's true, ask anyone who knows me. The four-piece, and then latterly five-piece when Jaime Randall joined, hailed from Hertfordshire and played exciting indie rock from 2006 to 09. They played the Lily Allen Show and got a … [Read more...]

It Takes An Aficionado – My Vessel

Barely into the start of the new year and already signs of life are coming from one of the groups featured last month in 2010 - What Happened To Them. It’s My Vessel. No sooner was the post up before their facebook page started moving again, for the first time in a year. This is good news readers! Along with positive motivational statuses, My Vessel put up a new (old) track … [Read more...]

2010 – What Happened To Them?

Merry Christmas one and all. Today, in light of the special day, we are giving you a special piece where some actual journalism may appear. This year promised much in terms of music with real artists shining through. Oh no, that's not right - music this year was not good. But it should have been but several bands failed to appear this year when it was long overdue. … [Read more...]