60s Throwback

The Sixties really were a crazy decade. Socially, politically, in the world of sport, cinema, and most importantly for this article, musically, that decade completely redefined the world. So which classic choooons am I listening to this week? … [Read more...]

Will You Love Me – Matthew E White

  Matthew E White comes out here with a low, rasping, rumbling tune that "makes me feel all warm and shit" as someone so eloquently posted on the youtube link. Agree with me below. Matthew E White is a vastly talented singer songwriter, hailing from Richmond Virginia. There seems to be a lot of great indie music coming out of there lately, and this 29 year old is no … [Read more...]

Need Your Love – Sol

The return of Sol to CYHT, and he's equally chilled out this time, but with a far more romantic state of mind. Sit back and give it a listen, cos Sol needs your love. … [Read more...]

Ministry of Love – Io Echo

So Io Echo might just be the kookiest band to exist since the dawn of kookiness. I mean Zooey Deschanel may as well be Carly Rae Jepsen in comparison to these rockers. The pair, Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross, are from LA and seem to be on the up. They recently scored a small film in collaboration with James Franco (frankly, an idol of mine) and their new EP is being released … [Read more...]