Heart Heart Head – Meg Myers

Most of our posts probably begin with ... 'how is this person not huge yet?' But how is this person not huge yet. Meg Myers is the perfect singer songwriter and there should already be come sort of mega-following for her. Maybe there is and I'm being lazy. But I still haven't heard my friends talking about her. So there's that tried-n-tested 100% scientifically backed … [Read more...]

2012 Countdown: Our Songs Of The Year

2012 has been framed by three major singles. In the fresh days of spring, "Call Me Maybe" phoned its friend, Justin Bieber, and took over ... everything. Then when we had had enough of chanting Cary Rae's ode to tech-flirting, we moved onto something way, way different. PSY's "Gangnam Style" came, pretty ladied all over the place and cowboy danced out of town. But gloriously … [Read more...]

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What We’re Listening To: Edition 24

This almost never happened! So let's launch into the days of Decemeber thankful for a) this website's organisation and b) the music we can't stop playing. … [Read more...]

Meg Myers’ Stompy Thursday Soundtrack

Didn't she do well? She was in The Guardian, featured on the XFM hitlist and . . . we interviewed her. Anyway here's Curbstomp, from her EP, Daughter In The Choir. … [Read more...]

Daughter In The Choir – Meg Myers

Good things come in threes, you guys. And we're rounding off two Meg Myers post with a third which is, suicide-prevention by Curb Your Enthusiasm-barred, the most exciting. Because, hey: Here's a (free) EP. You can hop along to Meg's website and download it straightaway. And go ahead! But wouldn't it be fun to stay with us a while longer as we take a musical gander through … [Read more...]