The Best Summer Songs

  25 more perfectly aligned summer tunes, from your favourite indie, rock and pop artists. Because everyone (mainly us) enjoyed our last post about the 25 best summer songs, we'd thought we'd load you up with 25 more for your playlists. Because now that summer's in full-swing in England, there's no better time to blast out music related to living in California! … [Read more...]

LIVE: Mumford & Sons @ Le Trianon

  This post was written by a guest writer (and our old school mate) Ed Benson. He's in Paris, saving the world. You can (and should!) follow him on his twitter account: The_Ed_Benson. Theatrical setting, UK folk rock megastars and a small, intimate audience? We are definitely not in England anymore. We’re in the heart of Paris, anglophobic to the core, where … [Read more...]

The Nines: Best Christmas Songs

Are we doing this? We're doing this. 1. O Holy Night - Lea Michele Glee's released a couple of Christmas albums but Lea Michele's rendition of O Holy Night from Swan Song is something else entirely. It's easy to forget - behind the layers of whatever Glee is making her do - just how good Michele's voice is. O Holy Night is majestic and with it, Michele secures herself in … [Read more...]

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What We’re Listening To: Edition 16

Astoundingly, one of our writers was a Flaming Lips virgin before this summer. In other What We're Listening To news, we've got a battle of the boybands with Mumford and The Killers facing off: … [Read more...]

Babel – Mumford & Sons

Could there be any more pressure on Babel? It is the sophomore album from the biggest British folk break-through act in the last decade - biggest break-through act at all if it weren't for One Direction - a band beloved by teenagers, their parents and television producers alike (Mumford ruled the advert soundtracks for a while in 2010). The challenge for Mumford wasn't so much … [Read more...]