UCL Music Festival = Friday Destination

Morning Morning! Today is official reminder day for Friday's upcoming sweeeet music festival up at UCL, so get down to Bloomsbury to check out Lunar, Under the Portico. … [Read more...]

Interview: Vancouver Sleep Clinic

Fresh off of an astounding public reaction to his debut single, Vapour, Tim Bettinson or Vancouver Sleep Clinic catches up with us as he prepares to release more material. … [Read more...]

#Music is #Legit. #ThatSeemedExcessive

Despite my 5 hashtag uses in about 7 words, this is a serious post. #Music (last one I promise) is going to be massive, I guarantee it. Myspace 2.0? #Potential (I lied.) … [Read more...]

You Got Me (Glowing In The Dark) (Piano Radio Edit) – Patrick Hagenaar (feat. Marky Hartley)

Time to put on your dancing shoes. Even though the weekend is over you can still dance around your office/classroom on Monday morning with the help of our good friend Patrick Hagenaar (and Marky Hartley). … [Read more...]

Music Made In Chelsea: Season 4, Episode 5

Sorry about missing last week guys, I watched the show but did not take in any of it and that includes the music that played. Anyway, I'm back this week and with a more complete list than e'er before. … [Read more...]