Stars & Stripes – Blonde Louis

Frankly it's a joke that when I mention a young boyband that people cannot resist saying that I mean One Direction. There have been other boybands in the world - don't any of you remember A1!? They fucking rocked. … [Read more...]

Hello Friend – Electric Skies

Oh how I've missed this type of music. With Look See Proof gone and Burial Club/My Vessel both having gone dark over the past few months, nothing has filled my guitar indie void. Until today! … [Read more...]

Leyton – My Vessel

Always awesome to get to write about new music from My Vessel and today is an extra special Easter Monday treat for all of you. Two brand new songs both of which are awesome so just a top result really! My Vessel have that sort of sound that really engages you, well placed synth lines and catchy choruses, made more impressive that its now just Jaime Randall running the group so … [Read more...]

It Takes An Aficionado – My Vessel

Barely into the start of the new year and already signs of life are coming from one of the groups featured last month in 2010 - What Happened To Them. It’s My Vessel. No sooner was the post up before their facebook page started moving again, for the first time in a year. This is good news readers! Along with positive motivational statuses, My Vessel put up a new (old) track … [Read more...]