60s Throwback

The Sixties really were a crazy decade. Socially, politically, in the world of sport, cinema, and most importantly for this article, musically, that decade completely redefined the world. So which classic choooons am I listening to this week? … [Read more...]

Songs for my recovery week

Hello readership! Apologies for the lengthy absence, I've been busy revising then taking exams then partying then going on holiday and finally, by getting sick. Don't worry though, here's my return with the soundtrack of my sickness. … [Read more...]

Little Talks gets its definitive mix thanks to Thomas Jack

Not only possessing pretty sweet fonts to lay over tropical looking photos, Thomas Jack possesses a great bit of house related knowledge as he mixes some Of Monsters and Men with some techno goodness. … [Read more...]

Will your New Year’s feature Kings of Leon gigging for Abramovich? Mine neither.

If, just like me, you still haven't sorted out your New Year's Eve plans yet, I am sure that this is the sort of news that frankly angers you /makes you want to hijack a boat headed to St Barts. … [Read more...]

Ministry of Love – Io Echo

So Io Echo might just be the kookiest band to exist since the dawn of kookiness. I mean Zooey Deschanel may as well be Carly Rae Jepsen in comparison to these rockers. The pair, Ioanna Gika and Leopold Ross, are from LA and seem to be on the up. They recently scored a small film in collaboration with James Franco (frankly, an idol of mine) and their new EP is being released … [Read more...]