7 things being 22 entails, according to Taylor Swift

Watch as T-Swift awkwardly transitions from Love Story to ... Morning After Last Night's Love Story. That final plunge into the pool had to symbolic right? Watch, and let's discuss below: … [Read more...]

2012’s Best (And Worst) Trends

Oh boy, there was some stuff in 2012. And lots of that stuff can stay the hell in 2012. Ubiquitous four to the floor tracks, annoygin vocal ticks and Emeli Sande got on our writers' nerves this year. But as ever we liked a lot, too. In fact, 2012 was a bumper year for trends. R&B's landscape was redefined, artists returned second albums that didn't suck (easier said than … [Read more...]

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The Nines: Reality Show Stars

Buckle up: It's another The Nines session. We're riding through the best artists (and songs) to have emerged from reality show competitions. Ever. … [Read more...]

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The Problem With Calling One Direction Gay

For more One Direction and pop cultural musings, you can follow this author on Twitter: Henry Ellenthorpe Last week, I was trawling my Facebook homepage to see what I was missing out on and apparently my life lacks casual homophobia, sexism and partying. Hot damn, my life pales in comparison. Anyway, one girl had posted a parody of One Direction's What Makes You Beautiful … [Read more...]

Young – Tulisa

Screw journalistic integrity. Old Michael, if he recorded a video for future Michael would have warned about the path I'm embarking on right now (à la New Girl today!) but forget that. I want to follow my gut! … [Read more...]