6 Bands Whose Sound Changed For The Better

Henry: Second chances are my favourite type of chances; there's no feeling quite like making good on a second chance. It's also satisfying when you decide to give something a second chance and it turns out OK. Imagine if you'd quit Selfie after its pilot. You'd have missed this! Imagine if you'd've bailed on Happy Endings because its first season was a little sketch. You've … [Read more...]

9 Best Summer Party Songs

Henry: Michael, how are you finding popular culture this summer? I was pleasantly surprised by The Wolverine when we saw it - and it seems everyone else was too. Michael: To be perfectly honest, I've missed more than I should. I'm fairly sure I'm the last person on Earth not to have seen Man of Steel! That said, Wolverine was much better than I expected and I've been loving … [Read more...]

What We’re Listening To: Edition 12

Sorry that this week's installment of WWLT is a couple of hours late. The blame lies in the economy, it has hit all of us hard, including music blogs and one of their weekly columns. … [Read more...]

Gossamer – Passion Pit

Dreamy vocals and spectacular electronic production made Passion Pit's debut Manners one of the finest albums of 2009. Find out if their second effort Gossamer is just as awesome after the jump. … [Read more...]

Take A Walk – Passion Pit

I admire Passion Pit because they seemed to storm onto the scene with their own kind of genre. They had synths, drum kits, great vocals, and just a knack for creating a melody that would pester you all day and wouldn't let you go a minute without humming it. Here's their latest song from their upcoming album Gossamer. … [Read more...]