Better Off Without You – Summer Camp

Tuesdays can be tough, It's forecast to rain literally non stop here, and Florence is slightly less ridiculously stunning in the rain... I realise I lost all sympathy there, but this song should get you all back on my side. … [Read more...]

Fall Over – Banks

  There's something unusual here, and you'll probably get what I'm talking about within the first 15 seconds of this song. You think you can predict it, but all of a sudden there's a note that makes you think twice or a lyric that provokes a double take. Fall Over is what I almost did when I saw this video because I was so in love with it. You'd best take a look. … [Read more...]

Let’s Go Home (Sound Remedy Remix) – Carousel

So I don't know about you, but global warming has seriously been messing with my local weather. It's December in Chicago and it's 70 degrees without a hint of snow. I have no idea what's going on, but I'm not complaining. In fact, I'm taking it as a second summer with songs like this. … [Read more...]

Lighthouse – IYES

I've been starved of a great male and female duet on a track since The XX album came out and blew my mind. However, today that all changes. Lighthouse is a beautifully thoughtful electronic number that transports me to a far away place (a nice far away place, not one where it's one). … [Read more...]

Bittersweet – Ellie Goulding

One artist that I have really been digging recently is Ellie Goulding. Personally I think that the new direction she has taken with Halcyon is the right one, and it should showcase a whole host of new qualities that she has but we never even knew it! However, after her split with dubstep dynamo Skrillex, she's released yet another beauty... which was produced by Skrillex. … [Read more...]