The Best Katy Perry Remixes

Have you taken up running again this year? Well some of us never bloody gave it up so we have constant streams of running music. But, whatever: We could always do with some new music. Inspired by this post of Katy Perry's best remixes, we're rounding up the best from KP's PRISM which should last you a good few months at least. Per the original article: Katy Perry  'has … [Read more...]

PRISM – Katy Perry

There are a lot of pop albums coming out this winter - which isn't much of a surprise, 'tis the season - but this is, like an extra special year, d'uh. We've had Miley but we've also got KP, Lady GaGa, and Britney on the way. Of these, the most self aware is Katy Perry then Miley, and GaGa and Britney are so far left they've lost all sense of ... anything. Which is a good … [Read more...]