6 Bands Whose Sound Changed For The Better

Henry: Second chances are my favourite type of chances; there's no feeling quite like making good on a second chance. It's also satisfying when you decide to give something a second chance and it turns out OK. Imagine if you'd quit Selfie after its pilot. You'd have missed this! Imagine if you'd've bailed on Happy Endings because its first season was a little sketch. You've … [Read more...]

The Nines: “Femtronica” Songs

Is it a word? Yes. Is it an awesome genre? Yes. Did I just come up with it brilliantly? You're fucking right I did. Nine wonderful women with nine stunning electronica tracks coming up. … [Read more...]

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Shrines – Purity Ring

Purity Ring's Shrines is a mesh (not mess) of sounds and imagery. Which isn't especially surprising given the Canadian duo's penchant for creative independence. Roddick directs both sound and lighting while James cuts and sews the clothes for the band. This is a band in complete control of their sound and that's why their bold leap into both the repulsive with the intimate, and … [Read more...]