Taylor Swift’s Red threat: a feminist’s favourite worst nightmare

Taylor Swift's Red - a metaphorically heady, literally hearty mix of lost love with overtones of Swiftian self-criticism - is the biggest selling new album of the year. Which is no surprise given Taylor's poised position at the intersection of glossy gossip and confessional, party-rocking pop. But Taylor's position in the musical world is nowhere nearly as easily defined as her … [Read more...]

7 things being 22 entails, according to Taylor Swift

Watch as T-Swift awkwardly transitions from Love Story to ... Morning After Last Night's Love Story. That final plunge into the pool had to symbolic right? Watch, and let's discuss below: … [Read more...]

The 9 Most ‘Acceptable’ Taylor Swift Songs

Acceptable's in quotation-marks because you're never going to persuade everyone someone that successful is credible. But Taylor's having a bit of A Moment right now so here are her 9 best songs to persuade the Swift sceptic in your life (this is for you, my beloved sister)/reinforce your idolisation. It's so bite-size but it's so catchy: … [Read more...]

Pre-LIVE : Disclosure hosted by Red Bull @ Great Suffolk Street Warehouse

  This Friday March 8th, Red Bull are hosting another one of their famous musical events, this time graced with the presence of a pair I have been following for a while, Disclosure, all to celebrate the arrival of some delicious new flavours of their energy drink. Let's say hello to Cranberry, Lime, and Blueberry, all with the same great effects as regular Red Bull. … [Read more...]

Taylor Swift just redefined her sound. What happens next?

Not much probably but it's exciting! If you want to check out some more Taylor Swift coverage, pop over here to find her 9 best songs.  … [Read more...]