30 Songs for the Summer

We're about to go all sunny on you

We’re about to go all sunny on you

Henry: It is legitimately almost summer. My friend ordered an iced coffee the other day; I have considered wearing shorts. That can only mean one thing: We write a lot about the summer. A brief history – of last year alone! – for the forgetful:

  • Michael and I ran down ’25 Songs That Will Get You Pumped For Summer’ (still applicable, I would re-think The 1975 though).
  • We did that again: Michael called how big avicii’s pseudo-Mumford club track would be, and also The Royal Concept’s ‘On Our Way’ (we also interviewed them here) and there was a Rihanna remix.
  • We did a final list together (they were popular, okay? It’s kind of your fault more than anyone else’s) and this time song-writer to the stars, Bonnie McKee, followed us on Twitter. We were totally bugging.
  • Michael listed the ‘8 Best Indie Summer Songs’ that may have just been an excuse to post a photo of Hunter S. Thompson in short shorts. I’m joking – go read it – Youngblood Hawke retweeted us. It was a big deal.

Michael: That’s right, summer is here. I can do you one better, my friend genuinely makes ice coffees every morning now and I’ve been rocking the short shorts for the past week. Get pumped for some more summer-related output!

H: Yeah, this will complete most of your summer playlists. I’m now spending the entire summer waiting for someone to ask me to go see Godzilla with them. Pretty romantic.

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What We’re Listening To: Edition 14

Clockwise from top left: Frank Ocean, Maroon 5, Aiden Grimshaw, Rita Ora and Queens of the Stone Age

We made it through 13 with no disasters! Moving on. This week, we’ve everyone from Queens of the Stone Age to to Aiden Grimshaw by way of a Frank Ocean remix.

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How We Do (Party) – Rita Ora

Wall Hugger: Rita Ora

As well as Dream Pop, summer offers up plenty of choice pop anthems. That’s not a complaint; you just need them. When it’s hot and you’re bothered, you need things that are easier to remember. It’s like the law of physics of something. Lucky thing we have recent UK chart-topper Rita Ora for assistance:

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