8 things going to college has taught me about music

  If music be the food of love, students listen to a lot of cereal. But seriously, a lot of Macklemore and dodgy House music await you at university. … [Read more...]

The Nines: College Songs

  When the leaves turn, Autumn's coming. And with that, the start of college and the return of school. With that in mind, we're exploring the best songs for your college soundtrack. It's not the party tunes (we've covered that already) but the tunes that will carry you through those years of higher education - from homesick loneliness to when you feel infinite - these … [Read more...]

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I’m Just Me – Diamond Rings

Quick! Grab this song before it hits the charts! Would it be too cliché to say that Diamond Rings sports a fittingly intergalactic appearance because this song is out of this world? I didn't think so. Let's face it: you live for those cheesy puns. Check out why this song is so great after the jump. … [Read more...]

Call Your Girlfriend – Robyn

I was going to hook you guys up with a new, on-the-scene songwriter today but I had to shuffle things about. Blame exams, everyone. Not me. Anyway, recently I moved our kitchen's speaker into my room because, you know, I like music. Anyway, a few of the albums to which I've been listening during revision are Body Talk, fun. at Fingerprints and a lot of Watch The Throne. Body … [Read more...]