Rolling In The Deep – Hobbie Stuart

A real treat today. Hobbie Stuart is a 20 year old singer/songwriter hailing from Brighton, UK. While the music that he writes himself also makes for an amazing listen, it was his cover of Adele's Rolling In The Deep that truly shoved his many talents in my face. … [Read more...]

The Year In: Chart Toppers

Ah, pop music. I hope 2011 was as good for you as it was for me. We've had hits from Rihanna (somehow managing to string singles from Loud while releasing new material from Talk That Talk), a few hits from KP and one massive Party Rock Anthem from LMFAO. As per, DJ Earworm has releaseed his end-of-year remix, featuring some of the year's 25 biggest tracks. It may be a fairly … [Read more...]

Crazy In The Deep – Divide & Kreate

Rolling In The Deep by Adele has taken the UK by storm. One of England's most exciting homegrown talents, the single was released on the 29th of November last year, and has gone on to be critically acclaimed by almost everyone who is lucky enough to listen to it. Personally, I love Adele because she can actually sing. There's really no debating the fact that she has a … [Read more...]