Four – Bloc Party

Bloc Party's fourth studio album, by a four-piece band, returning after a four year hiatus, is somewhat aptly(/unimaginatively) titled Four. Let's dive in, shall we? … [Read more...]

Silent Alarm – Boxes

Judging a music video is hard work. There are some amazing ones, which I will share next week, but so so so many really boring ones. They are just genuinely quite bland and seem like an after thought when releasing a single. This is definitely one that is in the first category. … [Read more...]

Like Eating Glass – Bloc Party

Okay, we've already blogged a track from this album but the fact that we're giving you another one should just prove to you how great it is, and how important it is that you run over and get this one. There's some Bloc Party history over there in the other post, so we won't give you that again, this time we'll just focus on the song. Love the drums on this one. Even … [Read more...]