Songs for my recovery week

Hello readership! Apologies for the lengthy absence, I've been busy revising then taking exams then partying then going on holiday and finally, by getting sick. Don't worry though, here's my return with the soundtrack of my sickness. … [Read more...]

LIVE : Sophie Delila @ St Pancras Old Church

As I mentioned the other day, Sophie Delila very kindly invited me down to see her absolutely kill it at the St Pancras Old Church, read on for details of her generally being wicked. … [Read more...]

A few words about Sophie Delila

Sophie Delila is coming to town (about a month before Santa) and this is a case of Christmas coming early. Let's delve into the works of this soon to be French starlet. … [Read more...]

Peace Arrow come back our way with ↑↓↑↓

Peace Arrow, who Henry had the foresight to review way back last year ( not that the blog is new to foresight, behold: Bastille) but here we have a whole host of great songs on the new EP ↑↓↑↓. … [Read more...]