What to buy from the iTunes “50 Legendary Albums” Sale

iTunes are offering up some seminal RnB and Hip Hop albums spanning a fair few decades, and these really do include some absolute gems. Here's my guide on how to spend your money wisely. … [Read more...]

The Week’s New Releases – Vol. 1

Ammar: Welcome to the first of (hopefully) many weekly features where I shepherd you musically-inclined folk to the tastiest gems of the past week's new releases. I'll try and cover as broad a range of music as possible, as long as I actually listen to the stuff, and traverse across the popularity spectrum (from Rihanna to 'that amazing post-punk-grunge '90s band that were … [Read more...]

LIVE: Natalie Duncan @ Thekla

It’s not often that authentic talent ever comes out of reality shows, and especially not reality shows devised by drum and bass pioneer and all-round hard-man Goldie, but Natalie Duncan is one such exception. After appearing on Goldie’s 2011 show ‘Goldie’s Band: By Royal Appointment’, a three-part reality series that sought to find the best young talent in the UK for a … [Read more...]

Enemy – The Weeknd

The euphoria is building. In the run up to The Weeknd's first 'real' release, Trilogy, he's dropped a new track entitled Enemy. It's everything we've come to expect from the man. Check it out! … [Read more...]

Tears Dry On Their Own – Amy Winehouse

By now, every aspect of Amy Winehouse's life, downward trajectory and death has been pored over, analysed and commented upon. As such, it's difficult to add anything that hasn't been said. However, I believe it is worth adding support to those who praise Winehouse's wonderful body of work and her obvious amiability rather than those who focus upon her excessive drug taking and … [Read more...]