9 Songs for Coming Down

I used to have a playlist - compiled by iTunes, I believe - called 'Indie: Coming Down.' It breaks every puppy-orientated string in my heart to tell you I can't find this anywhere on my iPod or computer. When I downloaded it, I don't think I quite understood the motive behind the playlist. I was going through a '16 year old kid trying to get into Radiohead' sorta thing and my … [Read more...]

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Who – David Byrne & St. Vincent

St. Vincent's album was one of my favourites last year, so Love This Giant is a deeply appealing prospect. Of their Byrne and Clark's partnership, The A.V Club asked 'does this pairing make too much sense?' After listening to (and watching) Who, the answer is negative. It's a weird, beautful and suprisingly poppy sound that the two have created. Watch below: … [Read more...]