6 reasons The Great Gatsby might just be too big to fail

I don't normally get nervous about film releases but ... I'm nervous about The Great Gatsby. Because the source material is seriously great - and great in a way that's sometimes underplayed because it's so 'I read this at school and I just so love the green light metaphor' - and previous adaptations have been ... well, they've been made. And there's just been so much publicity … [Read more...]

7 amazing YouTube reactions to Lana Del Rey’s Gatsby song, Young and Beautiful

Lana Del Rey's Young and Beautiful was released last week. It's for the Gatsby soundtrack and it's properly lovely; an exercise in classy pop and earthly transience. Sorry, got carried away there. Speaking of getting carried away. Some of the YouTube comments under the song are hilarious. I knew she was popular but there are some great ones here, guys. Let's take a look at 7 of … [Read more...]