Summer Time And The Listening Is Easy: Can You Hear This Writers’ Summer Playlists

At our blog, we experience a seasonal change as music shifts from a calmer spring to the head- rush, soaring pop choruses that symbolise summer music. It’s true that in summer, there’s a tendency for the music industry to churn out ‘up-beat,’ ‘easy-going,’ tracks even more than usual. The Top 40 quickly becomes dominated by pop starlets singing about their varied, sweaty … [Read more...]

What’s Her Name? A Brief Guide to Girls’ Names in Music

Rihanna is the only one in the world, Katy Perry kissed one and Richard Springfield wouldn't stop saying how much he wanted Jesse's one. Girls, we're preoccupied by them and so is music. Especially girls' names. If you're anything like me, you'll love anything to do with your own name. Favourite king? (any one of the) Henrys. Favourite chocolate bar? Oh Henry!s. Favourite … [Read more...]