The Nines: Things Chiddy Bang Have … Done

US pop-rap at its finest! No, seriously, there's some stuff in this list. It's not meant as a diss-list (there are a handful of great tracks here) but Chiddy Bang have given us some dubious remixes. Like, really dubious. Let's take a look. Housekeeping: for the remixes, I've just listed the original songs (though there is a hazy distinction in some cases, like Mind Your … [Read more...]

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9 Songs for Coming Down

I used to have a playlist - compiled by iTunes, I believe - called 'Indie: Coming Down.' It breaks every puppy-orientated string in my heart to tell you I can't find this anywhere on my iPod or computer. When I downloaded it, I don't think I quite understood the motive behind the playlist. I was going through a '16 year old kid trying to get into Radiohead' sorta thing and my … [Read more...]

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Young Blood – The Naked And Famous

Today I have a great song for you that I'm really excited about. The Naked And Famous' Young Blood has begun to generate a buzz, and once you listen to this uplifting tune, you'll know exactly why. Released from the New Zealand bands debut album Passive Me, Aggressive You, the song debuted on the New Zealand charts at number one, making it the first track produced by a kiwi … [Read more...]