Get on the HYPE: Don’t Swallow the Cap – The National

Jonah has clearly left Can You Hear This based on his lack of content. Awks.. … [Read more...]

Demons – The National

This is going to sound blindingly obvious, but if you like their genre, you just love the National. Granted it's quite specific, it's a slow-jamming-mournful-and-thoughtful-jazz sound. But if that's your jam, there's no way in hell that you won't like The National. Go listen to like all their music now, and get excited for their latest album, Trouble Will Find Me which has a UK … [Read more...]

The 9 Saddest Break Up Songs

In the interest of fairness, I thought it only right to follow up Henry's Nines a few weeks ago on songs about beginnings of relationships and falling in love with one on the nastier side of relationships - the break ups. So, whether you've been a 'dumpee' or 'dumper' or just avidly read all my posts (unlikely) then you should listen to these songs: … [Read more...]

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9 Songs for Coming Down

I used to have a playlist - compiled by iTunes, I believe - called 'Indie: Coming Down.' It breaks every puppy-orientated string in my heart to tell you I can't find this anywhere on my iPod or computer. When I downloaded it, I don't think I quite understood the motive behind the playlist. I was going through a '16 year old kid trying to get into Radiohead' sorta thing and my … [Read more...]

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What We’re Listening To: Edition 10

The big 1-o! I thought the day would never come. The tunes that have been going around and around our heads after the jump: … [Read more...]