6 of Lana Del Rey’s Best Unreleased Tracks

The internet's one true strength is of course, taking rights away from artists. No-one's suffered more at the hands of Hacktivists more than Lana Del Rey. You thought Wikileaks was a problem? LDR had to write a whole new album because of you guys. What's actually kind of cool about the whole thing is that LDR has this intense internet mythology built around her that's … [Read more...]

Things You Should Actually Listen To This Summer

    Henry: Hey. Sorry for the absence; we both took a trip to Copenhahen (So. Much. Blonde), Michael is now interning to learn more about Capitalism and I am relaxing in Tuscany to learn more about Myself. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago we both compiled posts for your summer playlists (available here and here) and I've listened to those lists a good amount … [Read more...]