6 Bands Whose Sound Changed For The Better

Henry: Second chances are my favourite type of chances; there's no feeling quite like making good on a second chance. It's also satisfying when you decide to give something a second chance and it turns out OK. Imagine if you'd quit Selfie after its pilot. You'd have missed this! Imagine if you'd've bailed on Happy Endings because its first season was a little sketch. You've … [Read more...]

30 Songs for the Summer

Henry: It is legitimately almost summer. My friend ordered an iced coffee the other day; I have considered wearing shorts. That can only mean one thing: We write a lot about the summer. A brief history - of last year alone! - for the forgetful: Michael and I ran down '25 Songs That Will Get You Pumped For Summer' (still applicable, I would re-think The 1975 though). We … [Read more...]

Get on the HYPE: Modern Vampires of the City – Vampire Weekend

This album is sensational, from first song to last. Please don't be stupid, just buy it. You'll thank me later. … [Read more...]

Horchata – Vampire Weekend

It's quite a feat to make preppy seem cool but somehow Vampire Weekend did it. With their own brand of college-cool, radio-friendly, ironic and upbeat tunes they made a real impact on the Alternative Pop scene when they broke out. Their first album contained real gems such as  A-Punk and Oxford Comma. When your songs are known by your middle-aged English teacher, you know … [Read more...]