Julian – Say Lou Lou

I'm excited by these two lovely ladies. The two Swedes have just released their new track Julian, and I've already played it... let's see... 36 times. Following the success that Bastille and The 1975 are currently experiencing after we knew it would happen all along, perhaps it's best to listen to us, eh? … [Read more...]

7 things being 22 entails, according to Taylor Swift

Watch as T-Swift awkwardly transitions from Love Story to ... Morning After Last Night's Love Story. That final plunge into the pool had to symbolic right? Watch, and let's discuss below: … [Read more...]

Some Nights (Now With Added Video)

Howdy co-mates in (blog) exile! A while back, I posted about fun.'s Some Nights and noted that it was an  'obvious follow-up from We Are Young.' Well. I was right. They just released the video and it's one of the best music videos that I've seen in the last few years. It's powerful, urgent and urgently sincere. It merges war with an delicate love story, combined with military … [Read more...]

Chasing The Sun: Now With Added Video!

The video for Chasing The Sun (which I reviewed a few weeks (days?) ago) was released a little while ago but I didn't write about it for some reason. Possibly owing to this tweet from Nathan (he's in The Wanted, you understand): 'Some girls will never understand the importance of important football matches' Well, yes clearly some girls will never understand the … [Read more...]

Lammicken – Braids

Here's the latest and greatest from Quebec based quartet Braids. Experimental pop hits a high point in Lammicken, a slowly building track from Braids' sophomore album Native Speaker. Honestly, this one is worth putting on when you're in the mood to be psychadelic. Don't you have those moods? Oh, maybe it's just me. Alrighty then. That should have you sorted out for this … [Read more...]