The Can You Hear This Countdown: Artist of the Year

Is this the most important qualification in end-of lists? I'd say so. Let me tell you why you should, too. Years aren't defined by singles (not in the long term anyway), artists are. You might say that Summer 2007 was the year of Umbrella but you're far more likely to say that Umbrella is Rihanna's signature song. Likewise, years aren't defined by albums. Albums define artist's … [Read more...]

Wicked Games – The Weeknd

These days it's tough for me to find any R&B that I really like. It feels like a huge amount of it is very samey, and quite repetitive. However, the last few days I've had Wicked Games by The Weeknd stuck in my head. This song is part of a great release called House of Balloons, which is available to download for free on The Weeknd's website. I really like this song … [Read more...]