The Can You Hear This Countdown: Single of the Year

At Christmas we get two of the greatest things in life: End-of-year lists and snowglobes. Now, we wanted to focus on one of these things and thought it would probably be easiest to feature the former. Behold, the first of the Can You Hear This Countdown (catchy, I know). We've compiled a list of our favourite singles, albums and artists of the year for our readers' pleasure. … [Read more...]

Hollow – Cut Off Your Hands

New Zealand doesn't seem like the most likely place that you are going to find post-punk inspired indie rock. Bands in the same mould as Cut Off Your Hands were literally everywhere in the UK a few years back but have been forced out by the far superior likes of N-Dubz (that is a false statement). Thankfully fewer musical atrocities seem to have reached NZ and so the likes of … [Read more...]

You And I – Washed Out

Washed Out, or Ernest Greene, is another awesome bedroom producer that I recently stumbled upon. Having identified hip-hop as a huge influence of his, Washed Out's music has been classified as chillwave (possibly the best genre name ever). He looks set to release his first album in July after being signed to Sub Pop. This song is so great because Washed Out manages to … [Read more...]