My Body – Young The Giant

Sometimes, something bizarro happens and a band just completely bypasses me. Such was the case with Young The Giant. Fear not, I shall be atoning for my sins this week: … [Read more...]

Cough Syrup – Glee Cast

Man, I know most of my posts lately read like one long apology but once more unto the breach, dear friends. Once more: I apologise. I've been in the country all week without a laptop/internet, spending my time learning to drive/riding horses which has left me a fairly competent driver and emotionally crippled after watching War Horse. Anyway, one of my failures this week was to … [Read more...]

The Can You Hear This Countdown: Album of the Year

Ho, ho, ho. Welcome to the second installment of the Can You Hear This Countdown (we're going to work on a better name for next year but as I am editing this at 2:00 am that's what you're getting- Merry Christmas.) We're moving on from single of the year to album of the year now. Since I started writing for Can You Hear This, I've noticed how much more I listen to albums as a … [Read more...]

Cough Syrup – Young The Giant

While today may be a huge day in the world of film (the climax of the most popular British wizard is hitting theatres), the music world continues on. Having only just returned from the USA today, I wanted to bring back something other than jet lag and Young The Giant is just that. The Californian quintet could simply be dismissed as an above average rock band with a familiar … [Read more...]